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How many children under 10 are allowed in each party?

There should be 1 general admission adult for every 2 children under 9. If there are 3 children under 9 there should be 2 general admission adults in the party.

How do I reserve for the tour?

1. Send an email to

Do I have to purchase tickets in advance?

No, but you must reserve in advance because tours often book up well before the tour date quickly.  Please reserve well in advance. 

How do I arrange a private group tour?

We're available for private group tours.


Please see the Private Group Tour  page for complete details and to begin the reservation process.

The minimum charge for a private tour is $75  and covers up to 5 persons. Additional persons may attend for a charge of $15.00 each which can be paid in cash, exact change, collected from the person who secured the tour date at the beginning of the tour. 

For dates more than two weeks away, a deposit of $25 may be charged. After your deposit is received, an email confirmation will be sent almost immediately to help you plan your event. During December through April the tour length is 75 minutes. 

What should I wear? What should I bring?

Dress comfortably and for the expected weather conditions. Wear comfortable shoes.  Bring along a flashlight, or have your cellphone flashlight ready to provide lighting for any place you are not sure of safe footing. Bring a camera, we encourage you to take pictures and will point out places where photos have been taken on past tours. In the summer months there may be bugs in the alleys, mostly gnats, so be prepared in case that happens. Some people carry a bottle of water or ice cream from Nutter's.  We do not permit electronic recording of any part of the tour presentation.

What if I can't attend the tour I reserved?

Tours are held rain or shine. Please try to make to the tour  on the date that you reserved. Keep in mind there are limited spots for each tour, and your reservation is holding a spot for you. Because we usually sell out, we also are forced to tell interested patrons there are no remaining spots for tours.

Is there a minimum age for the tour?

Nope. There is no minimum age for participants on our tour. Young children can have varying degrees of interest and ability to understand. Parents are the best judges of these things.  We do not charge for children under age 10. We love to have children and will make the tour engaging for them. Cub Scout, Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops regularly take our tours.

That having been said, parents should be mindful if their children become distracted to quietly attend to their child so that others on the tour do not have a diminished experience. 

About flashlights: Please supervise young persons with flashlights.   These should only be used to see the ground that we walk on.  They should never be used to point at other persons, buildings or houses.

Is the walking difficult?

Nope. The distance is less than a half mile. There are no steep hills or climbs. The sidewalks and alleys are paved, bricked, concrete or large flag stones. Some tours require an ascent of 4 steps up a concrete stair case. Normal conditions can prove to have slight dips, cracks and be uneven. We will do our best to provide warnings about known conditions, but can not guarantee individual safety. No injuries have ever occurred.

Will we be walking in the dark?

Of course! It's a ghost tour! Yes, in some instances it will be dark while we are taking the tour. For your safety and security we encourage the use of flashlights or smartphone lighting to help you see in darkness. Please show courtesy to others on the tour and keep them pointed to the ground.

What if it rains or snows?

The tour runs rain or shine regardless of weather conditions. But don't worry! Some of our best tours took place in less-than-perfect weather. Dress appropriately for the weather. We had a great tour on a late October evening as Hurricane Sandy came to town.

Are there bathrooms along the way?

No. Please use the restroom prior to showing up to the meeting location.

Where can I purchase Civil War Ghosts of Sharpsburg?

You can purchase the book while you are purchasing your tickets! It is available as an "extra" to your purchase. It's also in local stores in Sharpsburg, as well as directly through us at the start time of the tour. Some of the locations you can find the book are: In Sharpsburg: The Jacob Rohrbach Inn, The Battleview Market, Nutter's Ice Cream, The Sharpsburg Pharmacy, The Antietam Gallery, In Boonsboro at Turn the Page Bookstore, and In Shepherdstown at Four Seasons Books.

Where do we meet the tour guide?

We will send an email to confirm your reservation that will explain where to meet.

Our tours usually start in front of Captain Bender's Tavern, 113 E. Main Street in Sharpsburg.  Even if you think you are hopelessly lost in downtown Sharpsburg you'll easily spot your guide in this area starting about 10 minutes before the tour start time. Prior to arrival make sure to allow plenty of extra time if you or anyone in your party will need to get ready for the tour before it starts. For the convenience of others taking the tour, be prepared to start the tour on time.

For our regularly scheduled tours (non-group tours or private tours) on Saturdays and Sundays from May to September we sometimes present 20 minute long talks about Sharpsburg in the beer garden at Captain Bender's Tavern, 113 E. Main Street.  Your email confirmation from us will explain if we are making a presentation or not on the date of your tour. Remember, these are free and open to the public. These family friendly talks start 30 minutes before the tour. Each one is tailored to explain important background for the tour. The pre-tour talk is completely optional.  If you join us make sure you allow enough time before and after the tour for ordering and settling up with Bender's staff.  

Where can I park?

There is usually plenty of on street parking in Sharpsburg near the meeting place. There is a town parking lot in the first block off S. Mechanic Street, but please do not park on the street in the first block of South Mechanic Street near Nutter's Ice Cream. Parking on the street is usually available on North Mechanic Street and also on West Main Street. There is a bank parking lot that is used in the evenings on North Mechanic Street.

Should I tip the guide?

Most people do, but there is absolutely no obligation or expectation. We recommend offering a gratuity if your guide meets your expectations for an enjoyable and entertaining tour. Our guides are dedicated and knowledgeable curators of Sharpsburg stories and history. They invest a substantial amount of time preparing for each tour and acquiring authentic clothing to enhance the tour experience. If you enjoyed the tour please share your appreciation with your guide by extending a gratuity. A usual gratuity is in the range of 10% to 20% of the cost of the tickets purchased for the tour.

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