2021 Tour & Tarot Calendar

Our 11th Season!

Use the red button to book and pay for tours and tarot now. 
For tarot readings it's  best to reserve well in advance. For tours, the closer we get to September and October, the more important it is to reserve in advance. Your choice.
We have regular scheduled tours and tarot readings on the following Friday and Saturday nights:
  • Friday, September 24
  • September 25: Captain Bender's Dinner and Tour Combo. Reserve through Captain Bender's 301-432-5813.
  • October 2
  • Friday, October 8
  • No tour October 9
  • October 16
  • Friday, October 22
  • October 23: Captain Bender's Dinner and Tour Combo. Reserve through Captain Bender's 301-432-5813
  • Friday October 29
  • October 30 (Advance Reservation Only)
  • October 31 (Advance Reservation Only)
  • November 6
  • November 13
  • November 20
  • Wednesday November 24
  • November 27

    90 minute walking tours start at 7:30. Please arrive at and check in at Captain Bender's Tavern at 111 E Main Street in Sharpsburg by 7:15. 
  • Tarot readings are 3 cards and take about 15 minutes. Readings start at 6 pm and are held every 20 minutes. The last reading of the night is at 8:40.
Reservations for tarot are always recommended, especially if you want your reading before your tour. 
We also offer private tours on any evening except Friday or Saturday.  The fee for these tours starts at a flat $75 for up to 5 persons. For more than 5 persons, each additional person is $15. To inquire about a private tour date, please send an email to hauntedsharpsburg@gmail.com. Also, use this link to the Private Tour Process page to get more info.
Since 1983 we've studied Sharpsburg's Civil War history, and in the process learned incredible stories from people who live there. After years of conducting historic tours of our favorite Civil War town, in 2011 we started Sharpsburg Civil War Ghost Tours as the only full time, year round Sharpsburg tour operators. Our tours are based on our decades of research and story gathering. This year, 2021, marks the beginning of our 11th season! Join us for a tour and experience what over 12,000 others have learned: Sharpsburg has a rich, vibrant, and tragic past that is the perfect environment for mysterious sightings and happenings that we've successfully traced back to well documented historical events.
We are very proud to say we are Sharpsburg's only full time, year round tour operator! 




& Tarot Readings