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2024 Season Schedule
Our 15th Season!

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General Info
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Tarot Info


  • Saturday Night Tours start at 7:30 unless otherwise noted

  • Reservations Required, Use the link for each tour date.

  • We're giving back to celebrate our 15th season.

  • Tours are FREE through June 2024. Reservations required.

  • Gratuities to your experienced tour guide are encouraged, but completely at your discretion.

  • Starting in July 2024: Over 17 is $15, 10-17 is $10, under 10 is free. 1 paid adult per 2 under 10.

  • Tours start from in front of Captain Bender's Tavern, 113 E Main Street in Sharpsburg.

  • Tarot is offered only on Saturday nights when there is a Ghost Tour. Tarot is inside the front door of Captain Bender's.

  • To reserve a table for dinner call Captain Bender's 301-432-5813

  • Tours usually sell out. Book your tour early. ​​ More tour details below


We usually confirm reservations by return email the same date as your request. 




















































Tarot is held only on Saturday when there is a ghost tour, unless noted "No Tarot."

For Tarot Reservation Requests please include the date and time you would like a reading. Available times are 5:30, 5:45, 6, 6:15, 6:30, 6:45, 7, 7:15, 7:30, 7:45, 8, 8:15, 8:30, and 8:45.

Book Your Tours Now! Dates are filling up and will close out. 


Tours run 75 to 90 minutes, and have 3-4 remarkable, historically accurate, fully researched and investigated stories. We are precise and exacting in our tellings of these incredible recurring events. 

We alternate two different tours each week. Our Graveyards, Cemeteries and Soldiers tour presents 3-4  4 incredible stories: A company of dead soldiers in formation, an unusual medieval style burial. a calvary soldier who still rides, and a cemetery dog that visits its owner's grave.


Our Soldiers' Passageway Tour has 3 to 4 mysterious stories, some of which may include a drummer boy left behind in Sharpsburg, creepy Civil War kids playing a powerful and creepy game, a seriously haunted inn dating from 1864, and artillerists forever stuck in the streets of Sharpsburg.


Our third tour, The Children's Alley, is offered exclusively in October. Don't miss it! It's nearly 120 minutes and has 6-7 stories incredible stories, all connected to one very remarkable thread. 



3 Card Past, Present and Future tarot readings by High Priestess Tarot. Readings are at 6:00. 6:15, 6:30. 6:45, 7:00, 7:15 and the tour starts at 7:30. Readings also available from 7:30 to 9:00. You don't have to go on the tour, you can have a separate reading anytime between 6:00 and 9:00. Just $15. Reserve by email to

Captain Bender's Dinner and Ghost Tour Combo
September 21 2024


Dinner with Captain Bender's followed by a 90 minute ghost tour at 8 PM. Reserve by calling Captain Bender's at 301-432-5813.

Tarot readings will be offered from 5:30 to 9:30. $15 for an insightful reading by Julia. You can register in advance for a reading by email to

One of our most popular events every year! Reserve early by calling Captain Bender's at 301-432-5813. The charge is just $40 and includes dinner and the Ghost Tour. There is no prepayment for this special dinner and ghost tour combination, and you will be billed on your dinner tab at Captain Bender's.

When making a dinner reservation, please allow adequate time to dine. The tour starts at 8:00 pm, and we need to assemble out front by 7:50.

Enjoy one of the best dinners served anywhere in Sharpsburg and then take a our 90 minute ghost tour. This one is our newest tour with our most recent stories, so if you've done this event before, you'll be hearing some our most recently researched ghost stories of Civil War Sharpsburg. We call this "Graveyards, Cemeteries and Civil War Soldiers of Sharpsburg," and you're going to love it! Guaranteed!

This is one of our most popular Sharpsburg Civil War Ghost Tour events of the year! Early reservations placed with Captain Bender's Tavern are a must to assure space for this tour. Tables are limited, so if you have a large group don't wait and reserve now.

Mark and Julia will host and present this tour. They know the streets, alleys and burial places of Confederates in Sharpsburg better than anyone we know. They also know more original, unpublished ghost stories about Sharpsburg too, and their book Civil War Ghosts of Sharpsburg is overwhelming proof of that. After all, they've been studying and researching this topic for more than 30 years. Why not join them and have a fantastic dinner too? Mark and Julia will be back in Captain Bender's after the tour to continue the discussion with you, answer all your questions and sign a book if you'd like.

Call Captain Bender's Tavern at 301-432-5813 to reserve a table and start making plans for an incredible and interesting evening. You'll never see Sharpsburg the same way again if you do.

Captain Bender's Tavern is located at 111-113 E Main Street in Sharpsburg. There is plenty of street parking and there is also a lot on North Mechanic Street behind the Jefferson Security Bank. If you park there, please park within the marked spaces. Please do not park on South Mechanic Street near Nutter's Ice Cream, except you may park in the town lot near there. 

We're Sharpsburg's only year round tour company, and we're ready to go when you are. All year long, our private tours give you the flexibility you need to plan your Antietam visit. We're not a "pop-up" shop tour agency. We're based in Sharpsburg and don't run seasonal pop up tours anywhere. Sharpsburg is what we do, and we do it better than anyone because it's all we care about. In 12 seasons we've given more than 600 tours and entertained and mystified nearly 12000 people.

Until early May, we specialize in private tours set up just for you at your convenience. Give us 24 hours notice and we'll arrange something perfect for you. 

Tarot readings are held most Saturdays when there is a scheduled tour. They are 3 card Past, Present and Future readings,  and take about 15 minutes. Readings start at 6 pm and are held  every 20 minutes. The last reading of the night is at 8:40.

Reservations for tarot are always recommended, especially if you want your reading before your tour. 
We also offer private tours for a flat fee starting at $75 for up to 5 persons. For more than 5 persons, each additional person is $15. To inquire about a private tour date, please send an email to Also, use this link to the Private Tour Process page to get more info.
Since 1983 we've studied Sharpsburg's Civil War history, and in the process learned incredible stories from people who live there. After years of conducting historic tours of our favorite Civil War town, in 2011 we started Sharpsburg Civil War Ghost Tours as the only full time, year round Sharpsburg tour operators. Our tours are based on our decades of research and story gathering. 2022, marks the beginning of our 12th season! Join us for a tour and experience what over 12,000 others have learned: Sharpsburg has a rich, vibrant, and tragic past that is the perfect environment for mysterious sightings and happenings that we've successfully traced back to well documented historical events.
We are very proud to say we are Sharpsburg's only full time, year round tour operator!  No one knows more original, fully researched stories of old Sharpsburg. Try us and you never see Sharpsburg the same way again. Real. Live. History. And Ghosts! 




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